The AI platform for your CRM and Support

Kratos is an AI platform that uplifts your CRM and Ticketing Support with the help of Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis and Behaviour Analysis


Let us retain your customers when you go out to acquire new ones with our AI powered CRM

We have integrated AI with CRM to unleash the real potential behind the power of CRM. Using Deep Learning, we take over the customer retention aspect of your business and allow you to focus on acquiring new ones.


The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become. Let us do that for you with our AI Powered Support

AI powered sentimental analysis and behaviour analysis has allowed us to get you a better control of your ticketing system. Now you can prioritise and attend to your customers’ need better and faster.

Unified Dashboard

We bring both your CRM and Support under one roof, thus saving your time, energy and communication delays between two departments. Be more efficient and focus on customer needs in depth with our unified dashboard

“Improve human efficiency with Artificial Intelligence.”

Why Kratos?

It’s not hard to see how we make your work easier every day.

Unified Dashboard


Real Time Analysis



Artificial Intelligence

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  • To reduce the burden of human error and improve human efficiency with artificial intelligence.
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